Creating an event

Each event needs to have its own service and resource. The Service is used to set the number of participant, the costs and duration. The resource is used to set the schedule.

For example if your business offers the following events with the following once off schedules each event would have its own Service and own Resource linked to the Service.

Event Event Schedule Number of participants Duration
Career Expo

Monday October 31 2024



200 8 hours
Free Consultation at Internet Conference

Tuesday 8th November 2024

9:00am - 12:00pm


1 15 minutes
Starting a new business workshop

Thursday 1st December 2024



30 60 minutes

Create a Service for the event

  1. Select Configuration > Services
  2. Add a new service for the Event. EG "Starting a new business workshop"
  3. Select Available for event schedules only
  4. Set the event duration EG 60 minutes
  5. Make it a group session by setting Group Booking to Yes
  6. Set the maximum number of participants for the event EG 30
  7. Save the Service


Create a resource for the event schedule

  1. Select Configuration > Resources
  2. Go to the bottom of the page and select Add a new Resource. As this will be the resource for the Event name it similar to the service name EG Starting a new business workshop Schedule
  3. As the Event will only occur on a specific day select Flexible for the Schedule, the schedule will be added later 
  4. Link the resource to the Starting a new business workshop service
  5. Save the Resource

Note: The above steps only need to be completed once. 

How to create an event using Configuration Events

After completing the event prerequisites, an event can be created from the Events page Configuration > Events.

    1. Select Create Event
    2. On the Event Details tab enter a name for the event
    3. Enter a description for the event
    4. Select Type of event Single, Term, Modular
    5. Save
    6. Select a Service for Module 1 (The event services listed are based on the event services configure as prerequisites)
    7. Add additional modules and services based on the event requirements
    8. Save
    9. Select the Location tab
    10. Add summary locations details EG Melbourne Vic 3003
    11. Add event location details (This is the full address details of where the event will be held to allow customer to find the event)
    12. Repeat the above steps if the event is modular and has different location details for each module
    13. Save
    14. Select the Terminology tab
    15. Configure the terminology to match the terminology your business uses
    16. Save
    17. Select the Schedule tab
    18. For each module of the event a schedule can be added for each event service and associated resource
    19. Save
    20. When you are ready to accept booking for the event, select the Publish button


Copying events

An existing event can be copied to create a new event. When copying an existing event all details are copied except for the event schedules. Once copied the event can be edited and existing details updated for the new event. Once new event schedules have been added the event can be published making it available for bookings.

  1. Select Configuration > Events
  2. Find the event to copy
  3. Use the action button and select copy A new event is created and set to draft
    Edit the event
  4. Make any changes you need to the event details and locations
  5. Using the Schedule tab add new schedules for the event
  6. Save
  7. Publish the event to make it available for bookings
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