bookitLive events management functionality cater for simply to complex event booking requirements for single events, term events or modular events.

Single Events

An event schedule for a single date and time at one venue location


Term Events

An event that occur over a period of time (term) such as a clinic that occurs 1 day a week over a 10 week period. The term booking books all ten session as part of a single booking action.


Modular Events

An event that has multiple modules that can occur at different times and at differing locations. The module booking allows for booking all modules as part of a single booking action.


Events use special services called event services linked to resources to provide the framework for creating events.  Event Services can only be booked as part of an event. Unlike normal services that can be booking whenever a resource has availability, event services do not appear in the service selection list for direct bookings. Event Services linked to associated resources provide the framework to create an event and provide:

  • The duration of each event session
  • The capacity of the event based on the number of participants
  • The cost of the event and methods of payment
  • The scheduling of resources
  • The reservation of time against a resource to stop the resource being booked for other services

Event prerequisites

Prior to creating an event, service  must be created and configured and linked to the resource that will be associated to the event. Use the Configuration > Services page to Add event services and the Configuration > Resources page to link resources to event services.

Adding Event Services

Adding an event service uses the same approach as adding normal service from the Configuration > Services page. The only difference is the Service has the option Set the Service to be an Event selected.

Linking Event Services to Resource

Linking Event Services to Resources uses the same approach as linking normal service from the Configuration > Resources page.

Creating an event

After completing the event prerequisites an event can be created from the Events page Configuration > Events.

  1. Select Create Event
  2. On the Event Details tab enter a name for the event
  3. Enter a description for the event
  4. Select Type of event  Single, Term, Modular
  5. Select Save
  6. Select a Service for Module 1  (The event services listed are based on the event services configure as prerequisites
  7. Add additional modules and services based on the event requirements
  8. Save
  9. Select the Location tab
  10. Add summary locations details EG Melbourne Vic 3003
  11. Add event location details (This is the full address details of where the event will be held to allow customer to find the event)
  12. Repeat the above steps if the event is modular and has different location details for each module
  13. Save
  14. Select the Terminology tab
  15. Configure the terminology to match the terminology your business uses
  16. Save
  17. Select the Schedule tab
  18. For each module of the event a schedule can be added for each event service and associated resource
  19. Save
  20. When you are ready to accept booking for the event use the Publish button

Resource time reservation

Any resources that were schedule as part of the event will have the event date/time reserved on their operating schedule. The resource will not be available to perform any other service at the event time as the time is reserved for the event only.



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