Refunding a payment

Booking and product purchase payments processed using bookitPay or SecurePay can be refunded directly from your bookitLive account.

Only Users who are Administrator or Managers can refund payments.

  • Login as an Administrator or Manager
  • Select the Client tab
  • Search and find the client that requires the refund
  • Select the client history button
  • Select the payment tab
  • Find the payment that needs to be refunded
  • Select the refund button


  • Type in the amount of refund, This can be the full amount or a partial amount
  • Select Refund


  • If the refund was successful a transaction reference will be displayed.


  • If the refund fails a message is displayed with the error response received form the bank.


  • Close the client history
  • Open the client history again and select the payment tab to view the recorded refunds


A successful refund has a refund reference number with a negative amount in red.

An unsuccessful refund is displayed as Failed with the response message received from the bank.

Note: Processing a refund does not cancel the booking or change voucher usage.  

Notify a customer 

When a refund occurs a refund notification is sent to the customer automatically with a copy also sent to the account administrator. There are two notification templates to cater for successful refunds and failed refunds.

Refund email notifications:

  1. Refund confirmation success
  2. Refund confirmation failed


Why do refunds fail?

There are many reasons why a refund might fail, here is some of the common reasons:

  • The card used to make the original refund has been cancelled or has expired
  • The bank associated with the card could not be contacted when the refund was attempted
  • The amount entered for refund exceeds the amount available for refund


See Online payment response codes for more reason for refund failures.


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