Client booking process

The client booking process varies dependent on the booking requirements of the business:

  • A client booking could be for an individual or for multiple people
  • The business requires additional questions to be asked during booking
  • A card payment is required
  • The client uses a voucher code instead of a card payment

The booking process normally commences from a businesses website where they are directed to the public booking page or to a specific service to book.

  1. Client selects the service they want to book
  2. Client select a resource (this step is dependent on multiple resources performing the service that was selected above, if there is only one resource this step is not required)
  3. Client views the session times that are available (navigates to different dates) and select a time
  4. Client views the booking details and adds any notes (if a business has a custom form added for this service  the client needs to fill in the form)
  5. The booking is now complete at this point if no payment is required
  6. If payment is required the client enters their card details and or a voucher code to complete the booking

At the completion of the booking the client is sent a booking confirmation (if card payment or voucher was used the payment/voucher details are included in the booking confirmation). The booking confirmation can be an email and or a SMS.







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