Notification emails not being delivered to clients

Why do some clients not receive their notification emails

All notification emails are sent  using the email address as the sender and your bookitlive account admin address as the reply address. bookitLive sends the email  to the client email address but cannot guarantee the delivery as we have no control over the receiving mail server. 

There are many reason an email notification sent by bookitlive is not received in the  client inbox. These include:

  • The client email address is incorrect
  • The email is being blocked by the receiving email server
  • Content Filters
  • Message Bounces

The client email address is incorrect

If the client has entered an incorrect email address the email will not be delivered and an email will bounce back with an "Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender" message.

The email is being blocked by the receiving email server

Every email domain has a email server that controls the delivery of emails. Some corporations and organisation apply strict rules and block emails that they cannot identify the sender. If this occurs the client receiving the email will need to ask their email administrator to unblock the email

Content Filters

There are a few different types of content filters that may result in emails not reaching their intended destinations. ISPs are often supported by anti-spam companies to help them to filter out distributed content that appears unsolicited based on either the content of the message or its source.

Message Bounces

An email message may also be bounced back to the sender. A "soft bounce" is a temporary failure to send the email, meaning it wasn't delivered but can try to do so again in the future. This may be caused by the recipient's mailbox being full or their server being unresponsive. A "hard bounce" means that the email has been deemed permanently undeliverable. The cause of a hard message bounce could be that the recipient's email address is invalid or that a remote server is blocking the email address.



SMS Notifications

Using SMS notifications can resolve the issue as it does not have any of the email issues highlighted above as the message goes directly to the device so their is no receiving server to block the message.






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