SMS Marketing

bookitlive provides the SMS marketing tools to communicate to your existing clients. As people book or buy your services and promotions they are automatically building a client list for your business.

The information collected can then be used to directly market your businesses back to these clients using SMS. 

bookitLive does not limit your marketing SMS to 160 characters so you message can be as long as you like. Messages longer that 160 characters cost 1 credit per 160 character block see: SMS Specification


Filtering client

SMS marketing works best when you target messages to selected clients. Grouping clients together using the Group, ID or anniversary client fields allows you to use advanced filters to select and target these clients.


Sending bulk SMS messages

  1. Login to bookitlive
  2. Select the client tab
  3. Select the clients that you want to send a SMS. By default all client are deselected when the page opens. Use the search and advance search filters to target specific clients
  4. Select the SMS tab
  5. Write the SMS message you want to send. You can personalise the message by using tags. For example you can use the name tags for each message to use the clients name in the message


Note: Send a test SMS to yourself to confirm the message is correct prior sending in bulk. This can avoid the embarrassment of sending an incorrect message to multiple people.



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