Modifying voucher code configuration

 You have manually created  vouchers or have sold voucher products and you want to change the configuration to cater for:

  • Changing the voucher code usage
  • Changing the voucher expiry date
  • Adding or changing the services the voucher code can be used for

Using the vouchers code page you can make adjustments to the usage, expiry date and what the code is valid for.


Changing voucher usage

From the Voucher code page select the adjust link. Use + and - to adjust usage amount. For example use +10 to add an additional 10 usages. -10 to remove 10 usages.

Changing voucher expiry date

 From the Voucher code page select the Expires link to adjust the expiry date for the voucher code. Clear the date to set the code to never expiry. Setting the date to a date in the past will expire the code.

Changing voucher services the code can be used for

If you created a voucher code and did not assign the correct services you can adjust the services for this code. From the Voucher code page select the voucher code to change the services the code ii is valid for. 

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