Retrieving you password when booking for the first time

Some  businesses create a user logon for you, when this occurs you will need to retrieve your password so you can make your first booking. 

Retrieving you password when booking for the first time

Follow the booking process until your reach the page where you are asked if you "Already have an account" or "Create an account"

Select Already have an account


Select Forgot password click here link



Enter your email address and select Resend


Check your email and find the reset email that was sent with the system generated password. Use this password when making the booking. To avoid typing the wrong password we recommend you copy and paste.

Resetting you password

Once you have completed your booking you can reset your password by selecting the Current Bookings button to access your dashboard. mceclip0.png

From your dashboard select the Settings tab


 From this page you can change your password by selecting I want to change my password


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