Keep your bookitLive account safe

Make sure your login is secure

In order to gain access to bookitLive and the client data that’s stored in your account, you identify yourself by entering your email address and password. To ensure that your password can’t be cracked or guessed, it should be:

  • Longer rather than shorter
  • As random as possible
  • Unrelated to your personal life (eg don’t use the name of your pet or child)
  • Different from your other passwords

So your password is secure but not easily forgotten, you can use a passphrase, a sequence of words that you can remember but is hard for someone else to guess.

Password managers are also very useful in letting you use multiple strong passwords. You only need to remember one password or passphrase to access the manager, which securely stores all your usernames and passwords.

Never let anybody else know your password, even when you need help with a problem. Each user on your account should have their own account so there's an audit trail of access and changes.

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