Disputed payments and chargeback

What is a disputed payment?

A card holders can dispute any transaction payment with their card provider. The card provider can then raise a dispute against the merchant and can chargeback the payment. 

 As the transaction occurs between the customer and the business bookitLive is not liable for disputed transactions.

What is a chargeback?

A chargeback is a reversal of a charge on a credit card, or debit card (when 'credit' is selected). It is similar to a refund.

When can a customer request a chargeback

Customers can request a chargeback for a number of reasons, most commonly when:

  • they pay for services with a credit/debit card and services received are not as described
  • there are duplicate or fraudulent transactions
  • charges are made without permission
  • unrecognised transactions appear
  • the business they purchased the services from stops operating and they did not get what they paid for

The most common reason a customer disputes a payment is when they do not recognise the transaction. This can occur when the details displayed on their statement does not provide the information to allow them to identify the transaction or when a family member have used the card and not informed the cardholder of the details of the transaction. In these cases the customer often cancels the dispute once they become aware of what the transaction is for. Unfortunately the card provider makes the chargeback as soon as the dispute is raised by the customer and makes no attempt to help the customer to identify the transaction. When this occurs another transaction is required to obtain payment.

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