Merge tags

Merge Tags are used to insert variable data into your email and SMS notifications.

How Merge Tags Work

bookitLive uses merge tags in the email and SMS templates to allow variable date to be inserted into email or SMS notifications.

A merge tag looks like a snippet of text wrapped in special characters: *[CLIENT.FIRSTNAME]*. When you insert a merge tag into your templates, we'll replace the tag with the relevant data when the notification is sent.

For example, to include the booking time in an email notification, you would place the
*[BOOKING.DATETIME]* merge tag in the email template  where you want it to appear. When the email is generated the tag is replaced with the date and time of the booking. 


Types of Merge Tags

bookitLive offers the following types of merge tags to help you include the information you need include in communications to clients and business users.

  • Business - data about your business
  • Service - data about your service being booked
  • Resource - data about the resource being booked
  • Client - data from the client being booked
  • Booking - data about the booking being created, modified or cancelled
  • Membership - data relevant to a membership

How to insert a Merge Tags

We have made it simple to insert a tag into email and SMS templates. From the email or SMS templates page select the template you want to change. To insert a Tag just position your cursor where you want to insert and use the Tag menu to select from the list of Tags. On selection the Tag snippet is inserted in the template using the correct Tag syntax.


Type a Tag

When you type a merge tag directly into a template, be sure to surround the label with the asterisk (*) and square brackets ([]) characters. If there's a typo in the merge tag, your email or SMS will see the mistyped text instead of the variable data.

Testing and Troubleshooting

When updating templates we recommend that you should always test your changes by doing a test booking or purchase and viewing the email or SMS to make sure everything is working and is displaying the correct information. 



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