Client notes- online forms & file attachments

With bookitlive you can access your client notes from anywhere without jeopardising security. All notes are stored securely to help you meet your legal requirements. Client notes, forms and file attachments can be stored against each client record.

Simple client notes

bookitlive provides the functionality to save simple client notes.

Client online forms

Pre-defined client online forms can be created to cater for differing business requirement such a patient treatment notes or maintenance records.

If you are a health and well being business with  multi-disciplinary modalities it is easy to have multiple online form templates, so that all modalities can have their requirements met with their own treatment form template.

File attachments

Store documents, images and other files against your client records. bookitlive provides integration to Dropbox so you can link your Dropbox account. Once your Drobox account is linked you can upload and store files from the file tab in your clients record.



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