How to take online payments with bookit Pay


You can accept online payments in bookitlive with using the built-in payment processing using bookit Pay.  bookit Pay does not require a payment processing account from another provider as it is provided as part of the bookitlive booking software.

To set up payments using bookit Pay, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to bookitlive
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Online Payments

On the Payment Options page:

  1. Select bookit Pay for the payment gateway
  2. Select SecureXML API for the gateway type
  3. Click Save


bookitlive allows you to select and set the service that you want to take online payments. This means you can have some of your services set to take payments and others that do not require payment.

Configuring a service to take payment

  1. Log in to bookitlive
  2. Select Configuration > Services & Resources
  3. Open the service that requires payment
  4. Set the Service Payment Options to Pay Online
  5. Save
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