Booking Status Indicator

The Booking Status is used to indicate is used to flag the status of the booking and can be used to record attendance (completed), nonattendance (Did not show) or for recording other statuses that your business needs.

Booking Status Indicator set automatically

When a booking is added it is automatically set to a booking status of ‘Scheduled’.


Modifying Booking Status Indicator

The Booking Status can be manually changed at any time for both future and past bookings through the ‘Modify’ booking function.

  1. From your dashboard or from the calendar select modify booking mceclip0.png
  2. Change the booking status
  3. Select save

The Booking Status can be changed to one of the following:



The Booking Status is recorded against the booking so can be selected as a field when producing reports. The data can also be exported to an Excel (CSV file format) from the Reports page.

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