Marketing your business using coupons

Coupons are money-saving offers that many businesses offer their clients in order to generate sales, gain new clients and improve client loyalty.

For bookitlive, coupon codes are one of the many different features we offer our users. By generating a number of codes, users can offer their clients price discounts, free sessions, and more.

Coupon codes are one of the most promising and valuable marketing tools that small businesses can benefit from. Although they are very commonly used, they are often not fulfilling their full potential. So how can you maximise their effectiveness?

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By sharing your coupon code exclusively on social media, you can effectively create a buzz and drive new clients directly to your website and booking pages and also increase your social engagement.

 Team up with another local business

Business partnerships are a great way to promote each other’s businesses and utilise each other’s resources and client bases. So why not partner up with another local non-competing company within your industry and offer their paying clients an exclusive coupon code that they can use with you (and vice versa)?

Offer referral discounts

Word of mouth recommendations are a powerful marketing tool. Offer a coupon code to friends, family and advocates of your business to give them the incentive to introduce you to new clients.

Add an expiration date

By adding an ‘end date’ to your coupon, you can encourage clients to book with you before the offer expires, to ensure they don’t miss out.

 Offer a free session

Why not create a one-time coupon code? Perfect for encouraging new clients to experience your business without having to make a commitment, but still incentivising them to come back.

 Try offline advertising

Depending on how suitable this is for your business and target market, you could look into advertising offline. Coupon codes are suitable for offline advertising as they can be memorable and simple to remember. They can also channel clients to not just your booking pages, but your website, social media platforms and more.

Coupon codes are a great way of creating a buzz about your business, gaining new clients and rewarding your existing ones. They are a valuable tool that can yield great results, so they really are worth putting time and effort into.

 Measure your results

Don’t forget the importance of measuring results of your campaigns. For each suggestion you try create a different code. That way you can measure which methods are more successful than others and tweak your strategy accordingly. You also want to make sure the coupon codes you choose are easy to remember, but not easy to guess. You want to make sure the results are a true representation of your strategy, and any anomalies can skew the results.


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