Apple IOS 10 Safari issues

Providers using their iPhone with IOS 10 installed will experience difficulty making bookings directly from the dashboard calendar. when moving between the selection fields IOS 10 does not change the focus on the selection field. This is caused by the new version of mobile Safari browser installed by IOS 10.

A work around has been released to allow bookings to be made from the bookitlive calendar. Instead of selecting Done use the navigation buttons < > to move to the next selection fields.This is the only area where bookitlive is impacted by the IOS 10.


Use the navigation on the roller to move between selection fields instead of Done.


 Update: 17th October 2016

A bookitlive update was released today that fixes the issues with Apple IOS 10 Safari update. The problem occurred only on the business dashboard when making a booking from the calendar or removing times from availability on a Apple IOS 10 device (iPhone or iPad). The problem was caused by the way Safari browser on a IOS 10 device moves between selection fields when the selection fields are in multiple columns.





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