SMS Sender Name (Alpha tag)

Sending SMS notifications using an Alpha tag

bookitlive allows you to set a Alpha Tag (sender name) instead of sending the message from an anonymous numbers. While using a name instead of a random number has obvious benefits when communication to your clients using a Alpha Tag (sender name)in SMS will group messages that exceed the 160 character SMS limit together.

The Alpha Tag (sender name) can be set using numbers and letters to a maximum of 11 characters (This is a SMS restriction) No spaces allowed.


Setting SMS Sender Name

  1. Login to bookitlive
  2. Select Settings > Notifications Settings
  3. Type in the SMS sender name that you want to use
  4. Select Save

Note: You need to have enough SMS credits to cater for the number of SMS messages that will be sent.SMS credits can be purchase from the card linked to your account from the Settings > Purchase SMS credits page.

Not all countries support SMS Alpha Tag (sender name).






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