What are coupon codes?



Coupons allow you to offer specific promotions to your customers. For example, you could run an email, leaflet or magazine campaign to give 10% off to all customers who received that marketing. Coupons work by providing your customers with a code, EG TENOFF, which they simply enter when making their booking to have the discount applied.

bookitlive allows you to set your coupons to have an expiry date and if they can be applied to one or multiple services.

You can set up the following coupon types:

  • Percentage off the total price
  • Reduce the total price by a fixed amount


In bookitlive a coupon code is a code, consisting of letters or numbers that customers can apply during the booking process to obtain a discount on their booking cost. bookitlive supports a percentage off the booking cost.


Example of percentage off coupon codes.

Coupon Code TUL50

Save 50% off all training courses booked in September 2018


Coupon Code JUMP5

$5 off all Jumping sessions bookings at Gravity Indoor Trampoline Centre







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