Creating Coupon Codes

bookitlive Coupon Codes can be created to reduce the cost of a booking by applying a discount that will reduce the booking cost when the discount is applied. The Coupon Codes can also be used as a marketing tool. For example make a booking in October using coupon code ipad and go into the draw to win a iPad.


Coupon codes are a great way to get more bookings, and can help you reward customers who respond to your  marketing promotions.

Only one coupon can be used per booking. Coupon codes are not case sensitive.

Coupon details

Coupon name

The name of the coupon (for internal reference) e.g. Get 20% off

Coupon code

The code entered during booking e.g. 25OFF


Coupon Discount type

The discount type determines how the discount is calculated and the amount deducted from the booking total.

  • Amount off the total booking cost
  • Percentage off the total booking cost
  • No discount

Amount off the total

This option discounts the total booking cost by the amount set. If the discount amount is greater than the total booking cost the purchase price will be reduce to zero.

Percentage off the total

This option reduces the total booking cost by the percent amount specified. Option available are in 5% increments from 5% to 100%.

Setting the percentage off to 100% reduces the total booking cost to zero.

No discount

This option is used if you want to record coupons against the booking for other promotional purposes like use this coupon code to go into the draw to win a iPad. No discount is applied against the booking total.

Coupon Expiry
A coupon can be used up to and on the expiry date to make bookings and purchases.  After the expiry date the coupon code will automatically expired.

Coupon Restrictions
A coupon can be limited to specific services and products.  The option to enter the code will only be visible when a service or product has an assiocated coupon code.



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