Using alias email addresses for multiple client records

bookitlive uses  email addresses as a  unique  identify for each user account. This is a common approach used by online software as an email address is unique with no two email being the same.

How do you cater for situation where multiple client records are required but only have one email?

Sometime two or more client records are required for a client that only has the one email address.

For example: If a family had two children that required Driving Lessons but only the Mother had an email address how do you record separate client details (Firstname, Lastname, mobile etc)

Mothers email

Children details

Paul Smith 0412 111 111

Sally Smith 0412 111 222


In this situation you cannot create two client records with the same email of as each client needs to have a unique email address.

You could use a fake email address for one of the children and rely on SMS to send out the notifications.

Alternatively you could use alias email addresses for each child. Using an alias allows a client record to be created for each child and caters for sending out email notifications. Creating an email alias uses the + in the email to make a unique address.

Paul Smith

Sally Smith


email notifications messages sent to and are delivered to

Note: Not all email providers cater for alias email addresses.




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