Setting a fixed booking start time

Fixed start times

Fixed booking start times allows you to define the time within an hour when a service is available to be booked.

Each service has the option to define the fixed booking start times. Setting fixed booking times limits the times that are displayed to be booked based on the fixed times selected.

For example: If your business is configured to operate in 15 minute interval to cater for a variety of services of different duration.

A Service without fixed booking times defined (Default setting) will display all the times available to be booked within the hour this would include 15min (Quarter past), 30min (half past), 45min (quarter too), 60min (00 o’clock).


A Service with fixed booking times defined will only display the fixed booking times that are set. If the fixed booking time was set to 60mins the only times displayed to be booked within an hour would be 60min on the o’clock.

Setting a fixed start time

  1. Login to bookitlive
  2. Select Configuration > Services
  3. Open the Service you want to set a fixed start time
  4. Select Fixed Start Times 
  5. Select the the time you want to use
  6. Save






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