Creating voucher codes

bookitlive provides the functionality to manually create voucher codes that can be used when making a booking instead of payment. Manually created voucher codes (Custom Static) are generally used when the vouchers/session passes/packages are sold outside of the bookitlive software.

For example: Your business does a deal for a large corporation where you provide driving lessons at a discounted rate. You invoice the corporations for the total amount but you want the students to book online themselves using a voucher code.


Manually creating a voucher code

  1. Login to bookitlive
  2. Select Settings > Voucher Codes
  3. Select voucher type Custom (Static)
  4. Enter an Item description for your reference. This may be the persons name the vouchers are assigned to
  5. Enter the voucher code you want to use. all voucher codes need to be unique
  6. Select the amount of time this code can be used
  7. Enter a purchase total amount. This is the amount you sold the voucher for
  8. Select a date when the voucher code expires
  9. Select which services the voucher code can be used for
  10. Save code by selecting Add voucher code

Once the voucher code is created you need to make sure your services are configured to accept voucher codes.


Setting a service to accept voucher codes


  1. Login to bookitlive
  2. Select configuration > Services & Resources
  3. Open the service you want to accept voucher codes
  4. Select Voucher Code as a payment option
  5. Save







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