Deals bulk purchases and memberships

bookitlive promotions module makes it easy to sell deals and bulk purchases for  the services offered by your business.

With the promotions module you can generate more sales by creating offering to cater for:

  • Discounted Deals
  • Special offers
  • Bulk purchases of session passes
  • Memberships & recurring payments


Discounted deals
Done right, daily deals are a great way to raise awareness of your brand and services but can often also be a major headache to run efficiently. You can use bookitlive to manage the entire process; matching and validating codes, collecting codes, offering custom availability, managing complex deals, and increasing revenue by offering up selling opportunities.

Special Offers

Short term special offers can be used to fill quiet times or attack new clients. bookitlivle allows you to set the number of promotions to be sold yo avoid over subscribing the offer

Bulk purchases
Pre-Paid bookings (or bulk purchases) is a great way to encourage clients to build repeat business.  This allows your clients to purchase a set number of sessions that they can either use immediately or at a later date. These bulk purchases can be set up to be at a discount to the price of each individual session with the client paying upfront for all the sessions.


Memberships and recurring payments

Memberships are used to reduce the overall clients payment by setting recurring payments for a smaller amount billed weekly monthly or yearly. Clients use the membership to book their sessions instead of paying the casual session rate.


Multiple payment processing options are available including:

  • Bookitlive gateway – all you need is a bank account to accept your money
  • SecurePay – payment gateway connected to your merchant bank account
  • PayPal – business account




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