Adding booking forms to your bookitlive account

Booking forms allow questions specific for your business to be asked during the booking process. The additional information collected could be "How did you hear about our business", "Attendee details" or "Medical conditions" etc.

As booking forms are coded specifically for your requirements bookitlive will create and test them for you and add to your account.


A booking form can be added to each service that your business offers. The same booking form could be used for all services or you could use a different booking form for each service.

Adding a booking form to a service

  1. Select Configuration > Services & Resources
  2. Open the service you want to add the form to using the +
  3. Select the form to use for this service
  4. Select Save to client record to save a copy of the completed form against the client making the booking. 
  5. Select Save to save the configuration

Note: The booking form option is only available when booking forms have been added to your account by bookitlive. If your account does not have any booking forms this option will not be displayed.

The booking form pull down list will contain all the forms that have been added to your account.

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