Setting up a class and class schedule

Each class type needs to have its own service and resource

For example if your business offers the following fitness classes with the following repeating schedules each class type would have its own Service and own Resource linked to the Service.

Class Type Class Schedule Number of participants Duration
Box Fit

Monday 6:00am

Friday 6:00pm

20 30 minutes

Tuesday 7:00pm

Wednesday 7:00pm

10 30 minutes
Tabata Burn

Thursday 6:00am

Thursday 6:00pm

15 30 minutes

Create a Service for the class type

  1. Select Configuration tab and Resources and Services
  2. Add a new service for the class type using the class type name. EG "Boxfit"
  3. Set the class duration EG 30 minutes
  4. Make it a group session by setting Group Booking to Yes
  5. Set the maximum number of participants for the class EG 20
  6. Save the Service

Create a resource for the class schedule

  1. Select Configuration tab and Resources and Services
  2. Go to the bottom of the page and Add a new Resource. As this will be the resource for the Class Type name it similar EG Boxfit Schedule
  3. If the class Schedule repeats each week use the fixed schedule one week and adjust the schedule to match the class schedule EG Set Monday to 6:00am to 6:30am and Friday 6:00pm to 6:30pm. For all other days select NA
  4. If classes do not occur weekly set the schedule type to Flexible and add each date individually from Tools > Add Schedule
  5. Link the resource to the BOXFIT service
  6. Save the Resource



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