What is Configuration?

Your configuration pages is where you set up the services, resources, categories, products and locations.


The Services page is where you configure the services your business offers. A service could be types of treatments, classes or courses, tours lessons etc or an event or class.


The Resources page is where you configure the resources your business has. The resources perform the services offered by your business.

 Resources can be your team members, instructors, practitioners, consultants, course leader or coaches. A resource could also be a physical item. This could be a room, vehicle, sports pitch, piece of equipment, etc.


You can also set up categories to group services together  for your mini website page.


If you operate a mobile business you can set up the location that you service.


The Products page is where you configure the products or promotions that you want to sell online. Products can be a voucher for Fitness sessions or Driving lessons. Products can also be an e-book or an item like a T-shirt.

Products can be set up for selling bulk and discounted vouchers that can be redeemed later when a booking is made.




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