Remove times from being available

A Business that uses a fixed repeating schedule needs the ability remove times from being available.

Removing time availability could be used for the following reasons:

  • You want to remove the time from being bookable
  • A resource is not available for a particular time and day due to other commitments


NOTE: If a resource is not going to be available for a whole day or multiple days use Tools > Remove availability instead.


Making times unavailable

  1. Select Calendar tab
  2. Select a Date
  3. Select a green time that you want to make unavailable, a popup will be displayed
  4. From the top of the Popup select Remove time from availability
  5. Select the Start Time
  6. Select the End Time
  7. Add a note (optional)
  8. Select Save


Displaying and removing unavailable times from Remove Availability

The Remove availability page also lists any times that are not available.

  1. Select Tools > Remove availability
  2. Select the Unavailable Times tab to see a list of times that are unavailable
  3. Use the Remove link to remove the time from being unavailable
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