Refunding a purchase in Securepay

If you are using the SecurePay payment gateway and need to refund a payment you will need to determine the Invoice details (Invoice, payment account, amount) and refund the payment in your SecurePay Merchant account.


The Invoice details recorded in bookitlive relates the transaction reference in Securepay.


The amount recorded in bookitlive relates to the payment amount that was processed by the Securepay payment gateway.


Find the purchase transaction details

  1. Login to your bookitlive account
  2. From your Dashboard select Tools > Reports
  3. Select the Purchase tab on the Reports page
  4. Select the columns you want to view for example Purchase Date, Item, Invoice, amount
  5. Select a Date Range  – and define the date range when the purchase was made. (You can use the client’s name or email address to refine the search).
  6. Select Search
  7. From the search results identify the transaction that needs to be refunded. Once you have identified the payment, record the invoice (125530-0670376-1514828154) payment and the amount ($70.00)

Refund the payment in SecurePay

  1. Logon to your SecurePay using your SecurePay Merchant details
  2. Using a transactions search, enter a date range and the invoice (125530-0670376-1514828154) as the transaction reference
  3. Open the transaction by selecting the Transaction Reference 
  4. Use the refund button to refund the transaction for the full or part of transaction amount



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