How to open an indoor Trampoline Centre, Park or Arena

Starting an indoor Trampoline Centre, Park or Arena

If you are considering opening an indoor trampoline centre, park or arena, step one is being sure to avoid the mistakes that other entrepreneurs learned the hard way.

While there is 100’s of people out there that can tell you what trampolines you should install no many are telling you what software you should use to manage your centre.

You could spend $100K building your own software or you could use the best of breed cloud based software.

It is amazing that people spend 6-12 months finding the right location, ordering their equipment and building the centre and leave getting the software to manage it to the last minute.

So what is the best software for your indoor trampoline centre, park or arena?

  1. The software needs to be cloud based so you can access it from anywhere and only need a browser to use it
  2. Monthly subscription based to avoid high initial cost of building your own
  3. Works for one centre or many

The 3 specific areas you need to cover are:

  1. Online booking and payments
  2. Point of sale
  3. Accounting

Whilst some software providers clam they can do all of the above it is better to stick with best of breed software that is built for a specific purpose rather than all-in-one approach. The all-in-one software fees are often higher and will charge you extra for additional modules or merchant fees.



Online bookings & payments

bookitlive  is a cloud-based software that takes care of all your booking requirements.  With Bookitlive, you can easily take online bookings & payments online through your website and Facebook page.




Point of Sale


Vend is a cloud-based software that takes care of all your point of sale needs. With vend, you can easily process in Centre payments for cash or card (EFTPOS).



Xero is a cloud-based software that takes care of all your accounting, reconciliation and invoicing needs. As well as giving its users the traditional accounting functionality, Xero also provides its users with a variety of add-on tools, including CRM, payroll management, inventory and ecommerce. Xero is also mobile-friendly, allowing you to use it on the go.




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