Adding a once off event

bookitlive can be use for once off event and will cater for group bookings with various pricing options.


Creating an event

Add a service for the event

  1. Using the Configuration tab select Services page
  2. Use the Add Service button to create a new service for the event
  3. Give the Service a name and a description
  4. If the event is for multiple people change the setting for Group Bookings to Yes
  5. If you want to allow a customer to book for multiple people change the setting Allow Multiple Bookings to Yes
  6. If payment is required at a cost price, this is the price the customer will pay for the event. If you need different pricing for Adults, Children or special group pricing select variable costs (Up to 5 different cost options are available)
  7. When taking a payment select the Payment Option Pay Online 
  8. Leave all other settings as default


Add a Resource for the Event

  1. Using the Configuration tab select Resources page
  2. At the bottom of the page select the Add Resource button
  3. Give the Resource a name, this can be the same as the service name for the event
  4. If you want to communicate the location address details add the the address of the event to the Resource Description (The email/SMS templates needs to include the Resource Description tag so the location details can be included in the notifications)
  5. change the Schedule to Flexible Schedule 
  6. Link the service to the resource by selecting the service from the list

  Adding the Schedule for the event

  1. Using the Tools tab select Add Once Off Schedule
  2. Select the Date of the event
  3. Select the Time of the event
  4. Select the Resource for the event, this is the one you created earlier
  5. Select the Service for the event, this is the one you created earlier
  6. Save the schedule

Adding location details in calendar file attachment (Australia Only)

By default bookitlive uses the account address details in the Calendar file the is included in the booking confirmation email. If you are running events at locations that are different than your account address you need to configure your location details.

Adding location for all resources to use

When adding locations to your account you need to add the location to the account and then select the location against the resource.

Adding Locations to your account

  1. Go to Configuration > Locations
  2. Search for the locations to add using the location name or postal code
    1. Codes can be searched at once by separating each code with a space of comma
    2. Once the locations are displayed select each of the locations to add to the account
    3. Select Add


    Adding locations for a specific resource to use


    Adding Locations to a Resource

    1. Go to Configuration > Locations
    2. Select a Resource 
    3. Available locations are displayed on the left and location assigned to the Resource are displayed on the right.
    4. Select the locations you want to add
    5. Select Add to add the location to the Resource

    Adding a fixed address to a Resource location

    Once a location has been added to a Resource you can define a street address for this location.

    1. Select Edit next to the locations listed on the right hand column
    2. Type in a Street Address
    3. Search for the suburb or postcode by typing the suburb name or postcode to use for this location (This can be different from the location being edited)
    4. Select Save





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