How to add break time between bookings

bookitlive offers the ability to add a break time at the end of a booking to cater for cleanup, preparation or travel time between bookings. The break time is added to the end of a booking when the booking is made. For example you offer a 45 minute massage but you need to block out 60 minutes (45 minutes plus 15 minute break time) to cater for preparation for your next booking. Setting a break time of 15 minutes on the 45 minute massage service blocks out 15 minutes and the end of the booking duration. The next time available for a client to book will be 60 minutes after the booking time.


Adding a break time

  1. Login to bookitlive
  2. Select Configuration > Resources & services
  3. Open the service that you want to add a break time
  4. Set the Break Time to 15 Minutes
  5. Save



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