Dropbox integration

Dropbox integration is used to add storage to your bookitlive account so files can be uploaded against a client record. When Dropbox is connected to your bookitlive account a Files tab is added for each client record.

With bookitlive's Dropbox integration, you can:

  • Upload files and store against a client record from a Desktop, Laptop, Smartphone and tablet
  • Upload multiple files at once
  • Upload and store images, videos, documents (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), PDF and other common file formats
  • Take a photo on a Smartphone/Tablet and upload to a client record in one action
  • View and rename uploaded files from the client record

What You Need

Connect Dropbox account

Connect Dropbox by logging into your bookitlive account and connecting Dropbox.

  1. Logon to your bookitlive account
  2. Browse to URL https://bookitlive.net/provider/info/filestore to attach your Dropbox account
  3. Allow bookitlive to access your Dropbox account
  4. Enter your Dropbox account username and password
  5. Goto you bookitlive Dashboard
  6. Confirm Dropbox is connected by selecting the Client tab and opening a client record, confirm that a Files tab is displayed


 Please Note: You must have room in your Dropbox storage account in order for uploads to be successfully transferred.


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