Communicating different information based of the service being booked

Sometimes you want to communicate different information to your customers based on the service being booked. bookitlive allows each service to have its own signature text to cater for sending specific information for the service.

Communicating different information in notifications based of the service being booked requires the signature on the service to be configured with the information you want to be sent in the email notifications. The email templates have a tag *[SERVICE.SERVICEBUSINESSDEFAULTSIGNATURE]* that will add a signature. By default the signature used is the account signature that is set on the Setting>Notification Setting page. If you edit and add a signature to a service the service signature will be used in the tag *[SERVICE.SERVICEBUSINESSDEFAULTSIGNATURE]* instead of the account signature.


Adding a service signature

  1. Login to bookitlive
  2. Go to the Configuration > Services
  3. Open the Service you want to change
  4. Select Edit Signature
  5. Update the Signature to add specific information
  6. Save


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