How to encourage clients to use my online booking software

Once you have your account all set up, there are many ways you can tell your clients  about your new online booking software – and encourage them to start using it: 

  • Your voicemail: Record a new voicemail message that directs clients to your booking page to encourage them to make, move or cancel bookings with you online, whatever the time, wherever they are. 

  • Business cards, flyers, posters, etc: Make sure you promote (and include a link to) your new online booking system on all printed and digital promotional materials and adverts. 

  • Word of mouth: Whenever you get the chance (for example, after an appointment or class), remind clients that they can always book online for their next booking.

  • Incentives: Consider offering a discount the first time a clients makes an online booking with you. 

  • Email: If you have a clients database, you can email the URL to all your existing clients. 

  • Email signature: Don’t forget to also include the link to your online booking page in your email signature along with the rest of your contact information.

  • Social media: If your business has a Facebook Page, Twitter account, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest or any other social media account, be sure to include the booking link in the account profile and share it regularly.

  • Blog: Finally, why not write a quick post for your blog about why you now take bookings online and how easy it is to use? Don’t forget to include all the benefits it will have for them: view live availability, book 24/7, make/move/cancel bookings without having to call up, booking confirmations and reminders, access to special offers, etc.
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