Notification Settings

Notification settings are used to control what is communicated to your clients and staff when bookings and purchases occur.


SMS Notifications

SMS (Simple Message Service) notification can be used to send confirmation, modification and cancellation SMS notification; as well as automatic reminders to your clients of pending appointments. If you elect to switch on SMS notification, an SMS is sent on confirmation and a reminder message will be sent to your client’s mobile phone 24 hours before the booking time. If a booking is made for the same day an SMS message is sent immediately.

NOTE: When SMS notifications are switched on an SMS will be sent to all bookings made from this point forward, but it will not be applied to existing bookings.


All SMS messages are sent using a random number by default. Adding a SMS sender name replaces the random number and will be displayed as the sender name instead. You could set a short name up to 11 characters to represent your business for example FITBIZ. All messages would display FITBIZ as the sending name. Alternatively you could set your own mobile number and your client could reply to your messages.


SMS (Short Message Service) messages are limited to 160 characters; messages greater than 160 character are sent as multiple messages. By default the longer messages are sent from multiple random sender numbers and will appear on the receiving phone as multiple messages. By using an SMS sender name the receiving phone recognises the message as being from the same sender and reassembles the message to present it as one long message.

Email Notifications

 When a client makes a booking or when you enter a booking manually you can ensure that a booking confirmation is immediately sent by email to you and the client by adjusting the email settings accordingly (See Notification Settings). The email will contain an Internet calendar attachment that can be loaded into Calendar client (Google, Outlook, Apple) and can be used as an additional reminder for you or your clients. The date and time in the file attachment is the same date and time of the booking that was made in bookitlive. There is no time adjustment made for different time zones.

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