Fee report for NRMA



The Reseller portal can be used to create a Fee report based on a date range and caters for Fee Report for accounts that have payments processed by the NRMA SecurePay gateway and accounts that use the bookitlive payment gateway.


Creating a Consolidated Fee Report for accounts using the NRMA SecurePay Gateway

  1. Logon to bookitlive using your Reseller/Admin account
  2. Select the Reports tab
  3. Select the Fee tab
  4. Select NRMA SDS for the Fee Report
  5. Select Custom Range for the date range
  6. For a weekly report enter the start date as the last Wednesday and end date as this Wednesday
  7. For a Monthly report enter the start date as the first day of the month and end date as the last day of the month
  8. Select Activity - Consolidated for the Report Output
  9. Select Search





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