email delivery failure

email notifications will fail if the email address used is not valid or the receiving email server cannot be contacted. When an email is sent to an invalid email address the email will bounce back with a message indicating the failure to deliver.

The delivery failure email message may look like the following:

Mail Delivery System

Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender.


Switching off email notification to invalid email

Open the email to determine the email address the message was intended for. If the email address is not a valid email address you can change the email notification settings for the client so future email are not sent to this address.

Changing client email notification settings:

  1. Logon to bookitlive
  2. Select Clients tab
  3. Search for the client using the email address
  4. Select the client name to display the client details
  5. Select Settings
  6. Deselect the email notification
  7. Save
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