5 benefits of online booking software

From Driving and Golf Lessons to activity centres (Indoor Trampoline park, Climbing Centres, Go Karting tracks) more and more businesses are offering their customers online booking & payments. Given how much of our time we spend online — whether on mobile, tablet or our computers — it’s no surprise that customers will happily make bookings and payments via the internet. People like convenience and they like access 24/7, whether that’s booking and paying for a trampoline bounce session or a training course.

Setting up an  online booking and payment software is straightforward and won’t break the bank. Here are five business benefits of investing in one.

Customers can book after hours

Customers don’t make decisions just during the working day. They might remember they need to book their car for a service or tire alignment after dinner and want to lock it in then and there. If you offer online booking, your customers can make a booking that suits them, at a time that suits them.

More bookings

Customers who book themselves are more likely to show up, so you’ll have fewer “no-shows” to deal with. If your customer does need to cancel, they do it online and that space automatically opens up to another potential customer. You’ll also be more likely to fill those “last-minute” spots that might otherwise stay empty. By seeing the times available and choosing the best time for them, customers are more likely to lock it in then and there.

Customers expect it

Most consumers do their research online, especially before booking. Once a customer is on your website they want to make a booking and happy to pay then and there — especially if they are on mobile — rather than having to write down the phone number and call you, you’re more likely to get their business. And, if a customer calls to make an booking and can’t get through to someone, or are directed to voicemail, they might choose to call your competitor rather than wait and call back.

Managing your business on the go

Online booking software allow you to check your scheduled bookings, wherever you are. It can also show you when your most requested booking times are, so you can consider putting on extra staff.

Stats for your business

Online booking software does more than just process bookings and payments; it enables detailed reports showing you the number of “no-shows” in any given period, peek booking times, how many bookings were booked as a result of a marketing campaign using coupon codes and full customer booking and purchasing histories. You’re also capturing more customer data at the time of booking, so it becomes easier to contact (that is, market to) customers to give you more business in the future.




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