Xero integration for invoice import

bookitLive allows you to integrate Xero to your business account. This integration allows you to export payment details and import as invoices into Xero.

Configuring the Integration

To add the integration:

  1. Settings > Integrations > Other / Misc
  2. Click on cog icon next to Xero Accounting Export, check to Enable

Screen Shot 2024-04-23 at 5.02.06 pm.png

3.  Specify line item details:

    • Default XERO Tax Type: Tax rate of your product/service EG GST on Income
    • Default XERO Account Code: your product/service is recorded under EG 200

Note: See Xero list of Tax Types and Account Types.

4. Save

Xero Export report option is now available under Reports > Purchases tab. 


Using Xero account code details for Service & Products

If you need to use different Xero account codes for your bookitLive services and products these can be configured for each of your services and products:

  1. Go to Configuration > Services or Configuration > Products
  2. Click bookitLive icon to open Service/Product details
  3. Set custom Xero Account Code EG 100: Sales revenue

Exporting from bookitLive

To export report: 

  1. Reports > Purchase
  2. Scroll down to Output Option
  3. Select Date Range
  4. Select Xero (Ignores selected columns) 
  5. Search to download CSV report 

Importing into Xero

To import report:

  1. Login to Xero account
  2. In the Business menu, select Invoices
  3. Click Import  
  4. Scroll down to Upload items, click Select file to locate and select CSV file saved on your device

5. Click Next > Complete import. Once imported, they will appear in draft tab. Draft invoices will need to be approved. 

Screen Shot 2024-04-24 at 10.46.49 am.png



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