Booking times not visible to the public

Customers may not be able to view booking times on your public booking page for several reasons.

Account is offline

  1. Go to Dashboard > Settings 
  2. Go to bottom > switch toggle 'Public views online' 

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Service/resources/products not 'Visible to public' view

  1. Select Configuration > Services

  2. Open the service you want to configure

  3. Select Visible from public view

  4. Save

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Times/days have been removed from availability

If multiple times/days have been made unavailable, you can make them re-available by removing the booking. 

  1. Select Tools > Remove Availability
  2. Select the Unavailable Times (Unavailable Days) tab to see a list of times (days) that are unavailable
  3. Use the Remove link to make the time (day) re-available

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Schedule has been added when time has already been removed
Unavailability always takes precedence over availablity. Adding a schedule to a timeslot that has been removed from availablity will stop the schedule being shown. Remove the unavailability and the schedule will then be visible.

Opening hours
Adding a schedule that is outside of your opening hours setting will prevent the schedule from being shown. Adjust your opening hours so your schedule is within your opening hours range will make the schedule visible.



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