Audit Log

What are Audit log items?

Audit log items are recorded purchases, bookings, events, client and user actions. Each item contains details of the transaction EG Date/Time, Business, Action, User, Client, Transaction and Audit

Audit tracking allows you to search for specific items.  

The Audit Log tool is available on the business Dashboard.


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How to search for information in an Audit log

  1. Go to Dashboard > Tools > Audit Log 
  2. Search for Date range

    Note: Date range of search is limited to 90 days maximum. Audit details are only visible on the screen, cannot be downloaded. Audit log data older than 12 months is archived.

  3. Select Record Type 
  4. Select Action (summarised in Audit Actions table below)
  5. Select other search filters (search filters summarised in Audit table schema below)
  6. Filter

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Audit Actions

The following table is a summary of audit actions

Record Type Action Item Description
Purchase Add Product purchased.
Purchase Refund Full/Partial refund to client.
Booking Add Booking added.
Booking Modify Booking modified.
Booking Cancel Booking cancelled.
Event Add Event added.
Event Modify Event modified.
Client Add New client added.
Client Modify Client modified.
Client Remove Client deleted.
Client File A file has been uploaded to a client record.
Client Form A client form has been completed.
User Add New user added to account.
User Modify User modified from user page.
User Remove User removed from account.
Notify Confirm SMS SMS confirmation sent.
Notify Confirm Email Email confirmation sent.
Notify Request Email Email unconfirmed booking sent.
Notify Decline Email Email sent indicating unconfirmed booking was declined.


Audit table schema

This table is a summary of item search filters. 

Display Name Field Name Description
N/A id Audit log ID
Date and time           date_entered The date and time of the action            
Business        business_id The bookitLive provider ID                                    
    Booking ID, Purchase ID
Source record_type The source of the action (purchase, Booking, Event, Client, User)
Record / Action action The action that occurred. (Add, Cancel, Modified, Record, Form)                                 
Record / Action action_sub

The sub-action that occurred.

Refund, Forfeit

Record / Action action_status The status of the action. Success, Failed
User user_name The username who performed the action
User user_email The user email who performed the action
User user_access The user access level
Audit before The details of the action that before change
Audit after The details of the action that after change
Transaction transaction_id Booking or purchase id
Client client_name Client first and last night
Client client_email Client email address
Client client_phone Client fixed or mobile
Transaction transaction_receipt Invoice or voucher code
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