How to Create a Term Event

Initial Setup

Before creating a Term event, a three-part initial setup is required; 1. Enable Events in settings, 2. Create Service and 3. Assigning Resources to the Service

The initial setup is only required once. 


Enable 'Events' function in Settings

  1. Go to Dashboard 
  2. Settings > Advanced Settings > Features > select Enable Event Bookings.
  3. Save

Create the Service

  1. Go to Dashboard
  2. Select Configuration > Services > Go to bottom of page, select Add
  3. Name Service EG "MyGolf Girls Only (10-Week Clinic)"
  4. Add Duration of each session within the term EG 1 hour
  5. Select Available for event schedules onlyHow to Create Term Event_IMG 1.png
  6. Select Yes for Group Booking and assign an amount for Maximum Clients per Booking:How to Create Term Event_IMG2.png
  7. Save the Service

Assign Resource to Service

  1. Go to Dashboard
  2. To allocate the resource to the event, select Resources EG "Levi"
  3. Scroll down to Linked Event Services, select the Service EG "MyGolf Girls Only (10-Week Clinic)"Screen Shot 2024-03-27 at 12.38.21 pm.png
  4. Save the Resource

Create Term Event

  1. Select Configuration > Events > Create Event 
  2. Under Details, name the event. Be specific about the date and time EG "MyGolf Girls Only - Term 1, 2024 (10-Week Clinic)"
  3. Under Type of Event, select Term
  4. SaveHow to Create Term Event_IMG 4.png


Enable Allow bookings after term has commenced if you wish to take additional customers after the specified term commencement date. The customer will pay for the full term. Optionally, a discount code may be provided to compensate for missed classes. 


  1. Enable Visible from public view

  2. Scroll down to Modules, select the Service Event previously created EG "MyGolf Girls Only (10-Week Clinic)"
  3. Save
  4. Under the location tab type in a street address and select the address details found.
  5. Save
  6. Under the Terminology tab change the terminology to match your business requirements
  7. Save
  8. Under Schedules tab, select ResourceScreen Shot 2024-03-27 at 12.54.32 pm.png
  9. Using the date selector select a Date for each days of the term
  10. Use the Time Selection to select the time of the session. Use Check Availability to confirm the dates are available for the resource. Available dates are shown in green unavailable dates are shown in red. Screen Shot 2024-03-27 at 1.02.53 pm.png
  11. Select Add time to add the times to the schedule
  12. Save the event will remain in draft and not be available for bookings
  13.  When you are ready to take bookings for the event select Publish

Screen Shot 2024-03-27 at 1.06.35 pm.png


The customer will receive one initial booking confirmation for the Term Event EG all classes. Additionally, they will receive reminders for each session date in the term.

Copying a Term Event

You may use the same Term Event Service but for a different Schedule and/or with a different Resource

  1. Go to Configuration > Events 
  2. All active and expired events are listed
  3. Use Copy event to make a duplicate of the event with the same configuration
  4. The copied event will be in draft. Use edit to change the configuration and new dates to the schedule
  5. Save The event will remain in draft and not be available for bookings
  6.  When you are ready to take booking for the event select Publish

Screen Shot 2024-03-27 at 1.20.58 pm.png

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