How to Resend a Booking Confirmation Email

If you need to resend a booking confirmation email to a client or another recipient, proceed with the following steps;

To resend a booking confirmation email,

1. Login to your business dashboard

2. Select the client tab

3. Search for the client that you want to resend the booking confirmation

4. Click on the blue 'i' icon next to the customer. 


How to Send Reconfirmation Email_IMG 1.png


5. On the booking 'History' of the customer, click on the mail icon next to the relevant booking you would like to resend a confirmation email for. This will open the 'Resend booking confirmation' window. 

To send the reconfirmation email to a different recipient, change the 'Send to' the new recipient's address.

To send to multiple people, simply separate email addresses with a ','. 

Select 'Resend'. 


How to Send Reconfirmation Email_IMG 2.png



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