How to import clients into your bookitlive account

Importing your clients into bookitlive account uses a CSV file containing your client details. bookitlive uses a specific file format to process the input file.


Download example file

Download the example file from your client page by selecting import and selecting link to download example file. Enter client details, see mandatory fields below.

Save your CSV file. 

Add in your client details and save file in CSV format.

Note: The following columns in the CSV are mandatory and must contain data.

firstname Fred
lastname Smith
phone 0400 000 000
sms_booking_confirmation 1
sms_booking_reminder 1
email_notification 1
email_booking_notification 1
email_booking_confirmation  1
email_booking_reminder 1
contact_me 1
postcode 3003
user_country Australia


Note: When saving a CSV file fields that have a number starting with 0 (Zero) will drop the 0. EG a field with the number 0411999999 will drop the leading 0 and will be saved as 411999999 

To avoid the leading 0 being dropped the number should be formatted with spaces. EG 0411 999 999 

Importing clients using a CSV file

  1. Login to bookitlive
  2. Select the Client tab
  3. Select Import.
  4. Select Choose file and select your CSV file


For more information regarding creating and editing CSV files.


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